Welcome to Inside Wellington

Wellington. A city on the edge of the world. I’ve lived here a long time and know it’s ins, outs, quirks, and secrets. I swore I’d never start writing again; however that particular demon is relentless. You can fend it off for a while, but it just seems to come back hungry.

I’ve started this site to try and collate some of the local material that is floating around out there primarily missed by the mainstream outlets which appear to have collapsed into a pseudo-tabloid mode.

It’s also going to be a place where I write some opinion on the city itself and in particular the state of local government and government as it relates to the area. We’ve lost a lot of good opinion sites in the past few years.

I see the rise of a vocal minority on the left and the right that I think needs some counterbalance and fact-checking. It is far too easy to dominate local conversations and issues with press releases that are often penned by ex-reporters taken into the employ of agencies and companies. If you want an excellent example of that, look no further than the Wellington City Council “News” page.

I’m happy to remain anonymous for now. I think that some of the conversation and writing demands that. For the moment anyway. Think of it as writing under a pseudonym as opposed to anonymous. Some of you will figure it out pretty quickly, after all, writing style is a lot like fingerprints, and there is your first clue.

For now, there is a bit of admin and tidying up to be done, then we’ll get started.

So, like a landing in Wellington, you never quite know what you are going to get. Just hold on for the ride.

Oh, I do want to hear from you, so comment away. Just nothing abusive or defamatory, be adult about it if you can.

Talk soon.