Eye of the Fish: Soviet style apartments

A little bonus reading for Wednesday. Eye of the Fish has posted a great piece on the “Soviet style apartments” that have been mentioned in relation to Shelly Bay.

There is a lot of mud being slung over in Shelly Bay at the moment, some of which is landing on the shoulders of innocent passers by, but most of which is falling back down and hitting the people throwing it. Peter Jackson, one of the wealthiest men in New Zealand, and certainly the most powerful man in Wellington, is calling the Mayor Justin Lester all sorts of names. I’ve only met Lester a few times so I can’t say whether he is all that Jackson says he is, but I generally agree that the Council have made a hash of it over on our eastern bay (i.e. the west coast of Jacksonville). More on that another day though – but right now, there is one thing that I really want to tackle Sir Peter J on – his comment that Shelly Bay looks like it is sprouting a whole lot of soviet-style apartment blocks. – Eye of the Fish