Carbon Zero Blueprints vs Plans, what is an emergency exactly, and answer the questions Councillors

After writing a piece yesterday bemoaning the fact that their is no apparent plan behind the Climate Emergency declared by the WCC and asking Councillors and candidates to answer ten questions I received quite a lot of feedback.

The most of which is that it is asserted there is a plan in place that supports the Climate Emergency, along with work this week to firm up how we grow as a city and next week’s impending decisions on LGWM.

I’m going to meet the critics half way on the plan.

There is a document called “Te Atakura First to Zero” that is described as “Wellington’s blueprint for a Zero Carbon Capital.”

I would still assert it is not a plan, that it is a blueprint of sorts, and an aspirational document.

A plan is something that is agreed upon, prescriptive, had strong timelines, deliverables, budget assigned, and metrics so you can measure the success and alter the plan as you proceed.

While the blueprint has some broad metrics the other elements that are required to make it a true plan are missing.

Semantics! You cry, well, maybe. But important all the same.

Hopefully, like all things, over time it will become clear, however, with LTP finished for the year and electioneering increasing, I would suggest we would see nothing in the near-term.

Hey, it’s a start, and I may have been overly harsh in my criticism yesterday.

While we are on the subject, this tweet amused me. It highlights why a plan is important.

Emergency planners (I have a long history in this discipline) know that if you declare an emergency and have no plan then you end up with a shambles.

Once an emergency is declared, a full set of plans kicks into effect including communication, governance, funding, resource allocation, priority, and detailed steps to resolve the emergency.

Leaving that alone for now, though I do encourage you to read the blueprint, and travelling to more pressing matters.

Apparently I have annoyed one or more Councillors with my call to answer the ten questions around climate change, including the assertion that they may not be in the area of Council control and that they are too complex. Plus they are busy.

Well. Allow me to retort…

First, this is one of the largest election issues that will be campaigned on this year.

Second, because it is, people are genuinely interested in your opinion so they can vote for candidates that represent their views.

Third, the new candidates have already been, mostly, in contact and they don’t seem to have the same reservations. In fact, Conor Hill (who may or may not run for Mayor), was up bright and early answering questions and he seems to be quite the busy fellow.

Fourth, sure, it may not be Council business directly, but, we’re still interested in where you stand.

Fifth, a couple of you have already broken ranks and contacted me to say you’re keen.

Your choice of course.

Have a fabulous weekend!

One thought on “Carbon Zero Blueprints vs Plans, what is an emergency exactly, and answer the questions Councillors

  1. Hi, you could create a set of questions based around Te Atakura, for instance 6 questions based around the 6 big moves outlined on page 9, or the actions outlined from page 30. Te Atakura makes a case for road pricing, but haven’t heard anyone on council advocate strongly for that. Also makes growing up rather than out pretty clear, but many on council equivocate here.


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