Signs of life from the Wellington Party

With a new website up, more activity on their Facebook page, and the early formation of top level policies The Wellington Party is showing signs of life and are gearing up to have a crack the Wellington City seats and Greater Wellington.

It’s a neat and tidy little catchline; “A Vote for Competence”, which will resonate given the perceived lack of the aforementioned over the last couple of trienniums.

Names and faces will appear in the next few weeks, hurry up team, the perfect campaigning time is now with no clutter around candidates just yet.

Based on previous shout outs by the so far anonymous Wellington Party and reaction we can also expect a very high degree of social media attack from the left. This will be interesting.

We’ve been hearing strong community frustration with the current Mayor, City Council and Regional Council in recent years. Their lack of vision for the future of Wellington, fiscal blowouts, lack of accountability and transparency, and pork barrel politics involving pet projects is unbelievable and it’s time they were shown the door.

We believe the time is right for a new voice in Wellington politics – a voice with a competent plan for the future, an understanding that ratepayers money needs to be spent wisely, and a determination to ensure Wellington remains one of the world’s best cities and regions to live in.

The Wellington Party

Here is the official website.

Here is the official Facebook Page.