Election 2019

WCC Elections; Kiwiblog Analysis of Mayoral Candidates and Ward Competitors

In the last two days Kiwiblog has published full analysis of the Mayoral Candidates and all Ward Candidates across Wellington, which make for excellent reading.

There are nine candidates standing for Wellington Mayor in 2019.

How you should vote depends very much on whether or not you think Wellington is heading in the right direction or the wrong direction.

If you think it is heading in the right direction, then you should vote for Justin Lester.

Personally I don’t think Wellington is heading in the right direction. In fact I can’t recall a time where Wellington appears to be going so wrong.Not all of this is the fault of the Mayor or Council, but leadership does make a difference.

Kiwiblog: Mayoral Candidates

Then, onto the Ward candidates.

The Council has locked in spending that could see rates double over the next ten years. As few of us will have our incomes double, this means we will end up with less disposable income unless a more fidcally responsible Council is elected.

An excellent tool for evaluation candidates, if you have the time, is Policy Local. Just enter in your address and you see all the candidates for your local elections, and their responses to nine different policy areas.

Kiwiblog: Ward Candidates

Happy reading.

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