Media Release: Ambitious first 150 days proposed by Andy Foster

Media Release

Ambitious first 150 days proposed by Andy Foster

Note: For fairness sake, if other candidates want their first days plans published here then let me know at the usual place and I’ll post them.

Leading Wellington Mayoral contender Andy Foster has released his ‘first 150 days’ plan.

He says, “The resounding message I hear from people is that in the last 3 years our city has been losing its way, and they want their Council to get on with delivering the things that matter. They want to feel confident, proud and positive about their city’s future.

Andy’s plan by the end of March 2020 is to:


  1. Establish the new Council including councillors’ portfolios.
  2. Review delegations with particular focus on resource consent processing.
  3. Appoint a new Chief Executive (current CEO leaves at the beginning of April).


  1. Agree a ‘New Deal for Transport’ with Government to advance Basin and Mt Victoria tunnel duplication.
  2. Undertake public consultation on new bus priority programme.
  3. Have Airport Flyer resurrected or plan to resurrect agreed (restore to real time information / snapper). This will be a small part of reducing traffic volumes to the Eastern suburbs.
  4. Central City Speed Limits and associated engineering consulted on and agreed.

Urban Planning

  1. Consult on a new Spatial Plan. Identifying where growth should best occur in the city, considering infrastructure provision, resilience and character.
  2. Agree a way forward for Shelly Bay and the Miramar peninsula fully involving the community.
  3. Establish an urban development agency or urban development agency relationship with Government. A UDA is a tool for Council to be more actively involved in delivering housing and urban renewal. It was consulted on in 2016, and ready to go then.
  4. Address Council housing portfolio sustainability.
  5. Agree a solution for the Central Library and timeframe to reopen.
  6. Agree a draft proposal(s) for Civic Square for consultation with the Wellington public. Opportunities for substantial building changes, opening buildings onto the Square, rooftop gardens, wider city to sea bridge.  
  7. Agree terms with VUW and NZSO for the School of Music.
  8. A central city park acquired.
  9. Decision on Karori ‘s St Johns site and funding for Community Events Centre.

Economy, Arts and Culture

  1. Restore free Sunday parking.
  2. Establish an economic sounding board.
  3. Establish an arts and culture sounding board.
  4. Commence review of City Economic Strategy.
  5. Commence review of City Arts and Culture Strategy.
  6. Receive the Venues Review – will identify issues with size, affordability and availability of venues.


  1. Agree a draft Climate Change response action plan for consultation.
  2. Agree to take Happy Valley proposal to further engagement – as well as providing some housing proposal has significant benefits for the natural environment and for sports including eliminating sports ground charges for football and cricket codes, 2 new artificial turfs and citywide improvements to cricket wickets and outfields.
  3. Miramar declared predator free.
  4. At least one acquisition for the Outer Green Belt.
  5. Miramar heritage park established.
  6. Waste reduction education programme implemented.
  7. Carbon offset deal arranged for landfill.
  8. E vehicle purchase scheme agreed.


  1. Agree a Draft Annual Plan setting out a lower rates trajectory than currently proposed
  2. Held forum on reducing or eliminating future building consent liabilities (weathertight buildings).
  3. Rates taskforce established.

“It is ambitious, but Wellingtonians want action, and so do I.”


For further information please contact

Andy Foster – 021 227 8537