Eye of the Fish; Covering the airport news this week

We love Eye of the Fish, Leviathan is a great writer with well-considered insights and ideas. He’s starting a series on the airport this week, which is well worth a read.

Despite our continued lack of a certified Mayor (recount? what recount?) the really big story this week continues to be the 2040 announcement by Wellington Airport that they want to expand. Not just expand the length of the runway, but expand the parking for planes, expand the retail, expand the terminal(s) and expand their scope. They’re also going to expand into the golf course, expand into the Rongotai retail park they’ve just built, and expand into the surrounding Miramar residential area as well. All of which they own, so are entitled to claim back, but this is just to point out that this is indeed a Pretty Big Deal. Wellington 2040 indeed.