Colour blindness, a condition finally addressed?

The debates on the Long Term Plan were raging, the City Council wasn’t sure if $75M were a loan for a seawall, or a grant for the runway extension, and yet, in all this fury, a Twitter user was bitter about the lack of changes to the screen displaying votes. Indeed, that screen displays the votes in green or in red. My dad is colour blind, and he can confirm: he can’t tell the difference between red and green. So what do you do when faced with such a screen:


Here is the same screen as seen by someone with monochromacy:

I am not colour blind myself, but I can see why it’d be confusing. This tweet was written in February, and I couldn’t help, following recent debates, to notice that yet nothing had been done. So I went on Twitter too and asked what was going on:

Now, I have spent many years working for government organisations, and things take time, I get it. But here, we are talking next level of taking forever. Let’s hope delivering the Mass Rapid Transit will take proportionally less time than this software update.

It’s a positive news, and I’m glad it’ll soon be rolled out. But this story might have a follow-up if we get to 2022 and the voting colours of our beloved City Council aren’t still supported by colour blind codes.