Inside Wellington is a place to study the local politics of the city and all that entails. It is of particular interest this year given that the City Council Elections are scheduled.

We plan to cover the issues around those elections over the next few months with a different viewpoint to the current plethora of local news micro-sites that are already in existence.

We’ll do our best to be impartial, but sometimes we’ll get that wrong. You can tell us if you think that we’re missing the mark.

Likewise, we’ll always try and tackle the issue and not the person.

We’re anonymous. While we know that will put some people off, everyone has a free will and can choose who to read.

Anonymity has long been a strength of the Internet affording a protection to those who otherwise would not have a voice.

We are a conglomerate and the platform is open to anyone who wants to submit opinion or stories. It doesn’t mean they will get published, but we are always keen to hear from you.

We are not affiliated with any candidates, lobby groups, or political parties in any way shape or form. We cannot emphasise that enough. The platform will not be used as a political mechanism for any of those groups.

We love Wellington and we enjoy the political actors that perform on it’s diverse and wild stage. We also think it’s important to raise the profile of the elections and encourage people to research, think, and vote.